Senior Adult Minister

Chan Ray

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As a child church was the most important place for my entire family to go each and every week. I walked the aisle at the age of eight to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord. At the age of 15, I walked the aisle again at church camp to surrender my life for the ministry. At that time I had no idea what type of ministry, but I felt the call to serve Christ with my life.

After graduation from college, I started my career as a band director, music teacher, and counselor. In January 1980, this church asked me to be interim minister of music. Since my school was right across the street from the church, it was a blessing to be able to walk across the street for special church inquiries or singing at funerals.

I retired from Pawnee Schools in May of 2009.  In March of 2010, the church ordained me to the ministry, and I became the minister of senior adults ( the Golden Guys and Gals).   I retired as the Minister of Music in August, 2012.   It is my blessing to oversee the 55 plus members, however,  I try to assist whenever and wherever I am needed. 

  January 2021  
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